How to Transfer Money from OCBC to OCBC

Transfer Money from OCBC to OCBC

Bank transfer is a transfer where you send money to another bank account. Transfer is typically considered as faster and safer way than to pay your cash in person or withdraw money.

Due to the regulation that transfer process will take 2 to 3 business day, you may want to set up the fund transfer earlier.

Different bank may have different timing rule – and it also depends if you transfer money domestically or internationally.

Performing money transfer between OCBC bank accounts is now easier than ever through online banking.

There are various digital methods to move money, with each carries their own pros and cons, but they all will work just well.

Transfer Money from OCBC to OCBC Internet Banking

Here’s how to transfer money from OCBC to OCBC account through online banking?

  1. Open OCBC online banking site, then log into your account using access code and PIN.OCBC Internet Banking Login
  2. Choose ‘Payments and Transfer’ menu.
  3. Select ‘To an Account’ menu.Transfer Money from OCBC
  4. Enter, confirm and submit the payment details / follow the provided instructions.
  5. Enter the One-time password (OTP) sent to you through SMSOTP OCBC
  6. Select the type of bank account that you would like to transfer money to.OCBC Transfer Funds
  7. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to authorise the transaction.Transfer from OCBC to OCBC
  8. Fill in the transfer details and click “NextTransfer from OCBC to OCBC Online
  9. Review the transfer details before submitting.
  10. Enter the One-time password sent to you through SMS.
  11. Done

Transfer Money from OCBC to OCBC Mobile App

  1. Log in OCBC Mobile App
  2. Click on Local TransfersTransfer Money from OCBC to OCBC Mobile App
  3. Click on “Account number” and select “Local Payee”.Transfer Money from OCBC to OCBC Online
  4. Enter the payee’s details and add payee before you proceed to transfer funds.Transfer Funds From OCBC
  5. Enter the payment details and slide to submit. Review details and tap on “Confirm transfer
  6. Done

How Can I Transfer My Cash Money From My OCBC Account to Another OCBC Account?

If you wish to transfer your cash money, you may visit OCBC in-branch brank and hand out your cash money.

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What Details Do You Need to Transfer Money?

You need to know the name of person or business that you’re going to transfer money to and their OCBC bank account number.

How Long Does It Take For The Transfer to Be Processed?

Free charged transfer will take about 2 to 3 days to process through in-branch, ATM, or digital banking methods. For faster transfer, you may choose to perform the transfer immediately with additional fee by using the above methods.

Can I Cancel My Transfer Transaction?

Contact OCBC Bank as soon as possible and ask your request to cancel transaction. You have to provide transaction-related information and prove. Wait for a while before the bank put a pending or stop the process of transaction to money receiver.

What Are Tips to Transfer My Money Correctly?

Always do the double checks before you’re execute transfer process. Examine the figures of account number and amount of money that you’re going to send.

You also need to be careful going overdrawn, especially if you use faster transfer method because the money will be sent straight ways from your account instead of waiting for future date so ensure that your available money is enough.

What Is OCBC PayNow?

PayNow is a service from OCBC Bank that collaborates with Google Pay. It is available for iOS and Android users that link their bank account to Google Pay. By using this service, you can use the service of OCBC all over the world.

Can I Transfer Money Internationally?

OCBC is a bank with great connection to the network of global banking, so it’s more than easy to send or receive money internationally. However, keep in mind that you may be charged with fee to proceed with the transfer.

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