How to Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

A lot, if not nearly all of credit card brands out there offer plenty of rewards for their clients. However, the ones with the best advantages typically come with annual fee.

The annual fee is the cost you need to pay to the provider, usually automatically charged in order to keep the credit card active.

The fact that credit card annual fee normally exceed $100 certainly is not a cheap cost to begin with.

Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

Good news is, you are able to avoid annual fee payment and still get amazing benefits. Here are the steps on how to request OCBC credit card annual fee waiver via phone call or SMS:

  1. Call hotline number of OCBC bank at 1800 363 3333.
  2. Select your preferred language by pressing 1 for English or 2 for Chinese.
  3. Answer the prompt question with “Credit card annual fee waiver”.
  4. Input the number of your credit card or NRIC when asked.
  5. Follow the upcoming instructions


As an alternative on how to request OCBC credit card annual fee waiver, send SMS with format of:

WAV(space)NRIC number(space)The last four digits of your credit card numbers, send to 72323.

Example: WAV S8879888X 4321

Is There Any Other Ways to Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver?

Yes, besides using phone call or sending SMS, you may send the request is possible via internet banking or mobile banking application.

How Can I Request OCBC Credit Card Fee Waiver via Internet Banking?

Open OCBC internet banking site and log into your account, select ‘Customer Service’ menu, then click ‘Credit Card Fee Waiver’.

How Can I Request OCBC Credit Card Fee Waiver via Mobile Banking Application?

Open your OCBC mobile banking app, log into your account, then select menu on the upper left part. Choose ‘More Services’, press on ‘Card Services’ and then ‘Credit Card Fee Waiver’.

How Much Are the Annual Fees of OCBC Credit Card and Debit Card?

It depends on the account type of your card. Here is the fee list:

OCBC Credit or Debit CardAnnual FeeFee waiver period (after card is issued)Minimum spending required per year for automatic annual fee waiver
OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit CardS$192.602 yearsS$10,000
OCBC Titanium Credit CardS$192.602 yearsS$10,000
OCBC 365 Credit CardS$192.602 yearsS$10,000
OCBC Cashflo Credit CardS$160.502 yearsS$10,000
OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit CardS$160.502 yearsS$5,000
FRANK Credit CardS$80.002 yearsS$10,000
OCBC Robinsons Credit CardS$192.601 yearS$3,000
OCBC Plus! Visa Credit CardS$107.001 yearS$2,500
OCBC Plus! Visa Debit CardS$24.001 yearS$1,200
NTUC Plus! Visa Credit CardFree (prevailing NTUC membership fee applies)N.A.N.A.
OCBC Arts Credit CardS$160.502 yearsS$10,000
OCBC BEST Denki Credit CardS$160.502 yearsS$5,000
OCBC Platinum Credit CardS$160.502 yearsS$10,000
NTUC Plus! Visa Debit CardFree (prevailing NTUC membership fee applies)N.AN.A
OCBC YES! Debit CardS$20.00Waived perpetually for new cards approved from 1 November 2012S$1,800 (Applicable only for customers whose cards are approved before 1 November 2012)
FRANK Debit CardFreeN.A.N.A.

Which OCBC Credit Card Type Will Be The Best for A Low Spender?

If you are a low spender, then it’s probably the best to choose OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card. It offers benefit of automatic waived fee if you spend $2,500 for the whole year – and only S$107 if you spend under it.

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How Do I Get Automatic Annual Fee Waiver?

You won’t be charged of annual fee for the first and second years (depends on the type of credit card). For the next years, you can request for annual fee waiver simply by spending minimum amount determined by OCBC for a year.

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