Request Bank Statement DBS

Request Bank Statement DBS

Understanding how to request bank statement from DBS is essential. Checking the statement from the DBS bank is important for many types of documentation.

This is why you should always understand the method of asking the statement from the bank.

Below, there will be the step-by-step method on how to get those printed statements of your bank account. They should be useful for you in collecting the statements for any purposes.

The method on how to request bank statement from DBS below is using internet banking. If you do not use internet banking, there will be several other ways to get the printed statement.

You need to make sure that you can access at least one way to get the printed statement. Use the information below to get the right ways in accessing the statement.

Request Bank Statement From DBS Using Internet Banking

  1. Requesting Bank Statement Using Internet Banking
  2. Go to and then log in to your digibank Online account. The login can be done using User ID and PIN.DBS Internet Banking Login
  3. Once logged in, find the option “Request” and then select and click on the option “Printed Past Account StatementRequest Bank Statement From DBS
  4. You will be asked to enter your iB Secure PIN. Enter the 6-digit PIN now and click “OK
  5. If you have several accounts on the bank, they all will be displayed on the screen now. Select the account that you want the statement to print/request.
  6. Now, select the Period you want to request statement for.How to Request Bank Statement from DBS
  7. When you are done, you will be asked to provide an authorization. After finishing it, click “Next“.
  8. Last but not least, click “Submit” to send the request.

Request Bank Statement DBS via Phone Banking

You can ask for the statement using phone banking as well. Make sure you are registered for phone banking feature before.

What you need to do is dial 1800 111 1111 right from the phone and follow the instruction. If you are overseas, you can dial (+65) 6327 2265 instead.

  1. For a menu in English Press 1, for Mandarin Press 2.
  2. Enter your NRIC, Debit or Credit Card Number or your Phone Banking UID followed by # to proceed.
  3. Enter your Phone Banking PIN followed by # to proceed.
  4. Select Deposit Account Related Services.
  5. Press 1 for Account Balance(s).
  6. Press 3 for Account Statement Request.
  7. Press 1 for Latest statement.
  8. Press 2 for Past 1 month.
  9. Press 3 for Past 2 months.
  10. Press 1 to Confirm or 2 to Cancel your request.

How Long Does It Takes for the Statement Retrieval to Complete?

It will take 5 working days to complete the process. This is the reason why you need to request for the statement way in advanced.

The printed statement will be sent to you once the statement is ready. The delivery time is not included in that 5-day process.

Will I Be Charged for the Retrieval of the Printed Statement?

Yes, there will be charges applied to the request. If you want the statement to contain transaction within a year, the charge is S$20 per copy/month.

If you want the statement to contain transaction within 1 to 3 years, the charge is S$30 per copy/month. If you want the statement to contain transaction more than 3 year’s age, the charge is S$50 per copy/month.

Can I Request for the Statement from the Branches?

Yes, you can go to your nearest braches of the bank and ask the customer service to print the statement for you. The same charge will be applied for the service.

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