How to Register Public Bank Online Banking

Register Public Bank Online

Nowadays it is always a thing from a bank to offer an online banking service. It offers a lot of benefits for the customers especially those who need to make transactions anywhere and anytime. Public Bank offers its online banking service without any complicated registration step at all.

In terms of the ways on how to register Public Bank online banking, it only takes several steps to get it done properly. Once the registration is completed, the benefits of the online banking service are at hand.

Register Public Bank Online Banking

It turns out that there are several ways to get the registration completed properly. Among the ways is to do it via ATM, Branches and online which is very easy and convenient.

Apply PBe Registration via ATM

So, how to register Public Bank online banking via ATM?

  1. Find an ATM of a Public Bank then accesses it by using any card issued by the bank.
  2. Choose the menu of Other Services
  3. Choose Register Internet Banking
  4. Choose the menu to Continue that will be followed by some personal details entry.
  5. Mobile number is required for receipt of PBE Authentication Code (PAC). Please key in your Malaysia Mobile Number (not more than 11 digits). Press Accept
  6. The next thing to input is a new Preferred 6-digit PIN for the online banking service. The 6-digit PIN needs to be inputted twice for confirmation of this step.
  7. The next screen will display a confirmation dialog that reads Transaction Accepted.
  8. The registration is done for the online banking service of the Public Bank via ATM.

Apply PBe Registration for PB Cardmembers

To register online banking click here.

Apply PBe Registration for PB Cardmembers

Please ensure that you have updated your latest mobile number before registering PBe Online. If you have changed your mobile number recently, please contact our customer service at 0321768000 to update your latest mobile number.

Apply PBe Personal Banking Registration via branches

On the other hand, the registration can be done by visiting a branch of a Public Bank as well.

Applying for this service is easy. Simply fill out the appropriate form below and submit it with the relevant documents to your account holding branch.

PBe Personal Banking Registration

Activate Online Banking PBe

  1. Visit to
  2. Enter the given User ID and Password, click Login.
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions, click Accept
  4. Enter your new User ID, New Password, select Memorable Question and answer, Personal Login Phrase, Email. Click Submit
  5. You have successfully performed your first-time login. You may now login using your new ID and password

How Much Money to Store upon Opening a Public Bank Account?

Anyone can open up a Public Bank account as long as the requirements are met and that the registration process has been done.

It requires an initial deposit of only RM20 in which that is the minimum balance for the account as well.

Unblock a Public Bank Account

On any occasion that an account of a Public Bank is blocked, it will not be able to be used in anything like it used to be.

In that case, contact the customer support of PBe at 03-2179 9999 to get help in unblocking the account so that it can function normally.

Change the Registered Phone Number on Public Bank Account

It is possible to change the mobile number for the Public Bank account in use. The only way to do that is by visiting a branch of Public Bank and asks to see the customer service.

It is recommended to always do that whenever there is a change in terms of the mobile number in use.

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