How to Redeem POSB Everyday Card Points

Redeem POSB Everyday Card Points

POSB Everyday Card is a service from POSB for low to medium spenders. It is a handy service that offers plenty of cashback by purchasing or using services of groceries, dining, transport, petrol, health, and regular bills.

A lot of credit card users have deemed Everyday Card to have the best cashback offers, especially if you are regular buyers at Watsons and Sheng Siong because it requires no minimum amount of spending. The rebates earned are pleasantly decent, and there’s no limit in several available categories.

The given dollars by Everyday Card based on loyalty is called Daily$. To earn it, you only need to spend over the minimum purchase limit on outlets of various participating merchant.

Daily$ has no expiry date to be earned, which is very beneficial considering that most credit card company services only allow you to get rebates on the next month.

How to Check Daily$ or SAFRA$ Balance

  1. Log in to digibank Online with your User ID and PIN.
  2. Select Cards and click on Credit Cards Summary.
  3. Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  4. Select to view your POSB Everyday Credit Card or SAFRA DBS Credit Card.
  5. Click on Modify Search button.
  6. Under Statement Type, select Cash Rebate Unbilled.
  7. Your Available Daily$ Balance or SAFRA$ Balance can be viewed on the right, above your transaction history respectively

Redeem POSB Everyday Card Points

Read how to redeem POSB Everyday Card points below.

  1. Go to POSB iBanking site and then log into your account.POSB Online Login
  2. Select ‘Cards’ menu and choose ‘Redeem POSB Daily$ & Safra$
  3. You’ll be sent OTP (One-Time Password), input it accordingly
  4. Select ‘Card’ and then choose which account to get redeem from
  5. You may check the total of your Daily$ in ‘Available Daily$
  6. Select ‘Type of Redemption’ and then choose from the various options available
  7. Input your desired redeemed amount in ‘Redemption Amount’ field, then press ‘NextRedeem POSB Daily Bonus
  8. Last step on how to redeem POSB Everyday Card points is to confirm your details and press ‘Submit

Is There Any Other Way I Can Redeem Everyday Card Points?

Yes, you may use DBS Lifestyle application on your mobile phone. It requires you to log in by using user ID and PIN of your digibank.

The application also allows you to see the entire list of participating merchants.

What Is DBS Lifestyle Application?

DBS Lifestyle app is a mobile application where you are able to enjoy various features and get rewards on shopping, dining, and transports.

What Do I Need In Order to Register to DBS Lifestyle Application?

You will need mobile phone number that registered within Singapore, a digibank account if you already have a POSB Bank account, or SingPass account if you don’t have a POSB Bank account.

Where Can I Spend My Everyday Card Points?

You can spend the points at numerous outlets of partnered and participating merchants, such as Watsons, Sheng Sions, SPC, Citycab taxi, Pet Lovers Centre, or partnered website and mobile apps such as DBS Apple Rewards Store, FiveStar Restaurant, Koufu Eat, Zalora, and more.

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What Are Requirements to Apply for POSB Everyday Card?

You need to be at least 21 years old. For Singaporean and Permanents residents, it’s required to have annual income at minimum S$30,000, while for foreigners, it’s required to have annual income at minimum S$45,000.

Is There Any Fee Charged for POSB Everyday Card?

Main card is charged at S$192.60 fee annually, while every supplementary card is charged at S$96.30 fee annually.

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