Transfer Money from UOB to POSB

Transfer Money from UOB to POSB

People transfer money for many different reasons, such as sending money to family, e-commerce payment, paying bills, and many more.

However, some specific situations often require them to transfer funds to different banks. It’s a common need for many people.

Sometimes, it can be complicated to set up external transactions, so let’s use a hypothesis to clarify how money transfers using your bank internet banking service.

Bank A is the bank from which money is transferred, and bank B is where you want to send the funds.

If you have a UOB account and want to transfer funds to POSB, you’ve come to the right place. The following sections will explain how to transfer money from UOB to POSB.

Transfer Funds from UOB to POSB Using Internet Banking

  1. Log in to your account via UOB internet banking.
  2. Select Pay and Transfer click Transfer FundsTransfer Funds from UOB to POSB Online
  3. If you haven’t added the POSB account number, click Others.Transfer Money from UOB to Other Bank
  4. Select Add Payee click Account Number and fill in the payee formsTransfer Money from UOB to POSB Online
  5. Click the Others menu and select the POSB account you have just added.How to Transfer Money from UOB to POSB
  6. Fill in the necessary forms.How to Transfer Money from UOB to POSB Online
  7. Select One-time transfer and click Account noCan UOB bank transfer to POSB
  8. Done

Transfer Funds from UOB to POSB Using Mobile Banking

  1. Login into UOB Mighty app and tap on Pay/TransferTransfer Funds from UOB to POSB
  2. Tap on the Account Type you wish to pay or transfer to.
  3. Tap on Add Payee
  4. Tap on Account Number and Fill in the payee details
  5. Go back to OTHERS tab and tap on the POSB account
  6. Fill in the necessary details
  7. Tap on One-Time Transfer and choose Account No.
  8. Done

Is There Another Method to Transfer Funds from UOB to POSB?

If you still have no idea how to transfer money from UOB to POSB, here is the answer. Funds transfer can be done using internet banking or FAST.

It is an electronic money transfer service that allows you to instantly transfer Singapore Dollar money from one bank to another.

Is Funds Transfer Using FAST Free?

With FAST, you will be able to transfer funds up to S$10,000 and obtain the funds instantly through any bank affiliated with FAST without any charge.

How much is the Daily Transfer Limit in UOB?

You can transfer funds to the same bank or other banks with a maximum daily limit of S$10,000.

All the transactions will be subjected to the default limits if you have not applied for a change to your transfer limits.

How Long does Giro Transfer Take in UOB?

You can activate Giro transfers with no hassle by using BIBPlus (Business Internet Banking Plus) or Host-to-Host connection for a large sum of money transfer.

This service usually takes up to 2 working days to be successfully credited up.

Can I Transfer Funds Using PayNow to UOB?

Yes, surely you can. Consider using the UOB Mighty or Personal Internet Banking to access PayNow.

You only need to enter the mobile number of the recipient, FIN/NRIC, or Company UEN (Unique Entity Number), and the sum of the money you wish to transfer. The funds will be transferred instantly.

Can I Register for PayNow with UOB?

Yes, you can. To register for PayNow with your UOB account number, you need to log in to your UOB Mighty or Personal Internet Banking.

On the navigation bar at the bottom section of UOB Mighty or Personal Internet Banking, click on “manage PayNow.” Last, follow all the on-screen instructions.

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