Check POSB Branch Code Bank Code SWIFT Code

Check POSB Branch Code

The question of how to check POSB branch code, bank code and swift code must have been lingering in your mind for quite some times.

This is not an uncommon issue since funds transfer is something we all used to do.

However, what if you were overseas and had to send some money to your family’s POSB account?

When you plan to set up a money transfer from overseas to a POSB account number, you need to know its swift code.

You still need to know the branch code of the POSB account when you want to make a funds transfer from another bank.

If you have no idea, let’s delve into the following sections of how to check POSB branch code, bank code and swift code.

How Do I Check My POSB Branch Code?

The POSB account branch codes are:

  1. If your account has a 10 digits number, the first 3 digits number of your account is the branch code.
  2. If your account has a 9 digits number, the branch code would be “081”.

If you are wondering about the POSB bank code, you can find it on the back of your debit card.  The bank code of PSOB is 7171.

How Do I Find Out My POSB Swift Code?

Apart from POSB swift code, you only to provide the following things to receive funds from overseas:

  1. Your name on your POSB Bank account and your account number.
  2. DBS Bank as the name of the beneficiary bank,
  3. Address: Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore
  4. Country: Singapore
  5. Swift code/address: DBSSSGSG

Do I Need POSB Swift Code for International Transfer?

Yes, you do. You will be asked for Swift code when you’re receiving and sending money worldwide between banks.

The codes help banks to manage foreign transactions.

What is a POSB Bank Branch Code?

A branch code is an identifying code for a specific branch of a bank. Just like POSB bank, each of their branches is identified by a different branch code.

These branch codes are also recognized around the world by various names.

Is Branch Code and Bank Code Same?

The first four digits of this code would be the bank code, while the last 6 digits signify the bank location. As for the branch code, it’s located on the last three digits of an account number.

The last three digits are usually optional and often represent the branch code of certain banks.

Where Can I See My POSB Account Number?

The POSB account number (usually 9 digits) is particular to the personal account of each customer.

This is a second series of numbers located on the lower part of the checks, the right side of the bank routing number. You can also check your account number on a monthly statement.

How Do I Find Out My POSB Bank Account Number if I Don’t Have a Check?

If you don’t have a check, you can print out the monthly bank statement, which always includes your account number.

Look at the top row of the document, and you will find a series of numbers named “account number.”

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