How to Pay Tax via POSB

Pay Tax via POSB

The method on how to pay tax via POSB is something essential for everyone to understand. Paying tax is definitely mandatory, and it should be done like every year.

When you are not paying taxes to the government, it should be taken as offence and you can get legal problem.

This is why you should really pay the taxes. There are so many methods in doing so, including via your POSB account.

It is hassle-free and it can be done very easily. Use the information below to find out how to pay tax via POSB. It should take no time at all for you to complete the tax payment.

Pay Tax via POSB Online

  1. Login to POSB/DBS internet bankingPOSB Online Login
  2. Now, click the option “Pay“.
  3. When clicked, there will be several more options and you should find the option “More Payment Services“. Click it.
  4. Underneath that option, find “Manage Payments and Giro“.
  5. Select “Add Billing OrganisationPay Tax via POSB Online
  6. Input iBanking OTP when prompted
  7. On that page, you need to enter some of information. First, enter your IRAS-INCOME Tax or the Tax Reference Number.
  8. Then, enter your NRIC or FIN Number
  9. Now, select the account that you want to use for the payment. Click “Next“.
  10. When everything is correct, select “Submit“.
  11. Click the option “Pay” and then click on “Pay BillsPay IRAS Tax Online POSB
  12. You will be redirected to the Pay Bill Page. There, select the payment option by clicking “Billing Organisation in my pre-arranged list
  13. Then, select the IRAS-INCOME Tax or the Tax Reference Number that you have entered before.Pay IRAS Tax via POSB
  14. Select the payment amount and then select the payment date.
  15. Click “Next” and then “Submit
  16. Your tax payment is completed.

What Should I Prepare before Paying Tax using POSB Account?

Make sure you prepare the essential information for the tax payment. They are including your IRAS or your tax reference number.

You will also need to prepare your NRIC or your FIN number because you will have to provide them for the payment.

Can the Payment Be Made All Day Long?

Customers can make the payment all day long. However, only the payment made before 11.30 PM will be processed immediately.

If the payment is made after 11.30 PM, the system will process the payment the very next day.

How Long Does It Takes for the Payment to Complete?

The processing stage of the payment by the corporation will take a few days. It is strongly advised that you pay the tax in advance, at least 2-3 days in advanced.

This way, the bank will have sufficient amount of time for the payment process.

My Payment Doesn’t Seem to Be Working, What Should I Do?

It does take a while for the payment to complete. You should wait for a couple of days before checking the payment and see if it has been completed.

If you need any assistance, you can call the line 1800 339 6666 to speak with a customer service.

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