How Much to Open OCBC Account

Open OCBC Account

For some people, opening bank account and finding the perfect bank to start may seem like intimidating tasks. Luckily, the process of doing so is usually quite simple and quick for majority of banks in the world.

OCBC Bank is one of the financial institutions out there that offers practicality when it comes to signing up bank account without wasting your precious time and money.

How do I open a OCBC bank account?

Now, opening your account is the beginning step of managing your banking life. By using OCBC services, you’d be able to conveniently take care of your matter in the nearest bank branch, ATM, and modern remote banking services (phone banking, SMS banking, and internet banking.

Now, before you know how much to open OCBC account, it’s better to learn about the steps you need to take to open an OCBC Account first.

  1. Visit nearest OCBC Bank branch or the official website.
  2. Choose your preferable type of account ((Monthly Saving Account, Bonus+ Savings Account, 360 Account, FRANK Account, Child Development Account (CDA), Mighty Savers Account, Time Deposit Account, Passbook Savings Account, Statement Savings Account, or Current Account).
  3. Provide required information such as your name, date of birth, mailing address, identification numbers, and valid government-issued ID card.
  4. Confirm your consent by putting sign on the form.
  5. Deposit your savings to the account to start using it.

How Much Deposit Is Required to Open OCBC Bank Account?

If you’re wonderinghow much to open OCBC account’, the process itself is actually free. You may hand out initial deposit anywhere from S$0-S$10000.

Is It Better to Open OCBC Bank Account in Person or Via Online?

The most practical way to open OCBC Bank account is by using online website. Visit the official OCBC site and you will be able to open a new account anywhere and anytime.

Where Do I Sign Up for OCBC Bank Account Online?

You may use to open saving account and current account in OCBC Bank remotely. The site provides easier way to register without having to visit the bank branch for all permanent residents and citizens of Singapore.

However, it must be noted that the website only works if you’re going to open monthly savings, bonus + savings, FRANK, or 360 accounts. Currently, OCBC is still working on making the website capable of applying for more account types.

What Document Do I Need to Open OCBC Bank Account?

For Singaporean, you need to bring National Registration Identity Card. For foreigners, you have to provide valid ID pass and passport.

You are also required to bring additional document to prove your residential address such as CPF statement, bank statement, or phone bill.

What Are The Benefits of Having OCBC Bank Account?

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You will get basic 0.10{f2932573177a8f6d4126706c5260dc805538e77bc28162a6eeabcbd46e75fc12} interest annually, and even more if regularly save your money in the account and not making money withdrawal.

Is OCBC Bank a Safe Option to Create My Bank Account?

Absolutely, it is yes. OCBC has achieved constant top-ranking position of world’s 50 safest banks that’s created by Global Finance.

It also has track record of growing continuously in terms of earnings, total income, and reputations amongst the investor and shareholders for the past decade.

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