What Is OCBC Default Daily Limit

OCBC Default Daily Limit

A lot of people have asked about what is OCBC default daily limit. If you live in Singapore, it is totally possible that you own an account on OCBC.

When making transactions, there will always be some kinds of limit to abide. The limit is like the maximum amount of money you can make a transaction of.

Understanding this matter well is going to help you preparing for the transaction even better.

The full information about ‘what is OCBC default daily limit’ and a lot more will be shown here.

You can find the answer on what type of limit you need to know and also several other questions that you may have asked for a long time.

Here is the full information about it for you so that you can do any type of OCBC transaction easier every day.

OCBC Default ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

The withdrawal limit for ATM is different from one type of card to another. However, the average limit for ATM withdrawal for a day is the cash of S$1,000, S$3,000 and S$5,000, once again depending on the type of card.

Changing ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit using Mobile Phone

  1. Login to the mobile app
  2. Go to “Card Services” option
  3. Find the option “Change card daily limit” and select the card.
  4. Pick the new limit and then select “Confirm
  5. OTP code will be sent via SMS. Use the code to verify and complete the process

Step by step change OCBC daily transfer limit with pictures.

Changing ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit using Internet Banking

  1. Enter the internet banking website. The address is https://internet.ocbc.com/internet-banking/Login/
  2. Use access code and pin to login to your account.
  3. Go to “Customer service” option and then select “Cards
  4. Click on “Card withdrawal & spending limit
  5. Pick the card and then update the limit. Once done, click “Next
  6. Check SMS inbox to retrieve OTP code.
  7. Enter the code to finish the process and upgrade the limit.

Step by step change OCBC ATM card withdrawal limit with pictures.

Other OCBC Daily Limit

Other types of limit that you should know are including fund transfer limit and Pay Any Card limit. For the fund transfer, the limit is S$5,000 and for the Pay Any Card Limit, it is also S$5,000

Is There Any Other Way to Alter the Daily Limit?

Yes. The best way to do that is go to OCBC branch and talk to a customer service. Each type of card will have its own limit, including the personal card, business card, joint account card and more.

The customer service will examine and check on the limit possibility for the card.

How to Check the Card Limit on My Own?

You can do it using ATM or using the mobile app. The “Card Withdrawal and Spending limit” option is going to show you the current limit for the card.

Will Bigger Limit Affect Any Transaction on My Card?

There is no additional charge or anything that you should endure after changing the limit. It should not have any impacts to your daily transaction. It should make it easier instead.

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