How to Check OCBC Branch Code

Check OCBC Branch Code

Many multinational banks such as OCBC Bank have been providing an internet banking service. It brings a number of benefits for those who have to transfer funds anywhere and at any time. OCBC Bank’s internet banking system comes without any complicated procedure.

However, when you need to make transactions, it’s essential for you to check your OCBC Bank branch code. A branch code is a special identification code for a specific branch of a bank. Every branch of the bank has its own branch code. These branch codes are recognized across the globe by various names. Here is the tutorial of how to check OCBC branch code before you make any transaction.

OCBC Branch Code

Here is a quick tutorial of how to check OCBC branch code:

If your OCBC Account Number has 10 digits, the branch code is the first 3 numbers of your account number.

For example: your account number is 520-1-345678. The branch code will be 520.

If your OCBC Account Number has 12 digits, the branch code is the first 3 numbers of your account number.

For example: 503-135956-001. The branch code will be 503.

OCBC Branch Code List

OCBC Branch NumberOCBC Branch Name
501OCBC Centre
504OCBC Centre (504)
506Jalan Besar (506)
507Katong (507)
510Tampines (510)
511Nex (511)
512Katong (512)
514Bukit Batok BBC
515Jalan Sultan
516Balestier Road
517OCBC Centre (517)
518Bukit Timah
519Ang Mo Kio Central (519)
521Jalan Besar
522Clementi (522)
524Alexandra Village
526Toa Payoh Central (526)
527Jurong East
528Ang Mo Kio Central
529Robinson Road (529)
531Thomson (531)
532Nex (532)
533Bukit Batok
535Jurong West
537Nanyang Technological University
538538 Bishan
539Toa Payoh Central (539)
540ION Orchard (540)
541OCBC Centre (541)
542Bukit Timah (542)
543Hougang Mall (543)
544Clementi (544)
545Bukit Panjang
546Tampines (546)
547Serangoon Garden (547)
548Tampines (548)
549Katong (549)
551Serangoon Garden
552Clementi (552)
553Jurong Point
554Bukit Timah (554)
555White Sands
556Hougang Mall
557Causeway Point
558Sun Plaza
560Bedok (560)
561Hougang Mall (561)
562Suntec City (562)
564Robinson Road
565Compass Point (565)
566Orchardgateway (566)
567Compass Point
568Toa Payoh Central
570Branch 570
574Auto Loan Centre
576Punggol Plaza
581North (581)
582Orchardgateway (582)
583Plus! (583)
584Premier Banking Offshore
587Plus! (587)
589OCBC Centre (589)
590OCBC Centre (590)
591North (591)
592Plus! (592)
593Suntec City
594ION Orchard
595OCBC Centre (595)
596Marina Bay Financial Centre
601OCBC Centre (601)
602OCBC Centre (602)
603OCBC Centre (603)
604OCBC Centre (604)
605Hougang (605)
606Northpoint (606)
607OCBC Centre (607)
608Bedok North (608)
609Choa Chu Kang (609)
610Robinson Road (610)
611Toa Payoh Central (611)
612Bedok (612)
614Northpoint (614)
615Jurong West (615)
617Sixth Avenue (617)
618OCBC Centre (618)
619ION Orchard (619)
620City Square Mall (620)
623Bedok (623)
624North (624)
625Kallang (625)
626Holland Village (626)
627Geylang (627)
628Jurong Point (628)
629North (629)
630North (630)
633OCBC Bank PCL (633)
634OCBC PCL (634)
635Alexandra Village (635)
636Woodlands (636)
637OCBC PCL (637)
640Jalan Sultan (640)
641North (641)
642Katong (642)
643Causeway Point (643)
644Plus! (644)
645Bukit Batok (645)
646Jurong East (646)
647North (647)
648Plus! (648)
649Sixth Avenue (649)
650OCBC Centre (650)
651Robinson Road (651)
652North (652)
653City Square Mall
654Katong (654)
655Jalan Besar (655)
657Ang Mo Kio
658Clementi (658)
659ION Orchard (659)
660Holland Village
661Geylang (661)
662Bedok North
663City Square Mall (663)
664Nex (664)
665Geylang (665)
666Sixth Avenue
667Tampines (667)
668North (668)
669Northpoint (669)
670Nex (670)
671Jurong West (671)
672Robinson Road (672)
673Choa Chu Kang
674Northpoint (674)
675Jurong West (675)
676Jalan Sultan (676)
677Toa Payoh Central (677)
678ION Orchard (678)
679Robinson Road (679)
680White Sands (680)
681Tampines (681)
682Woodlands (682)
683Tampines (683)
684Ang Mo Kio (684)
685Singapore Polytechnic
686North (686)
687OCBC Centre (687)
688Sun Plaza (688)
689North (689)
690OCBC Centre (690)
691CSL Direct Acquisition
693Kallang Wave
694White Sands (694)
695North (695)
701OCBC Centre (701)
702OCBC Centre (702)
703OCBC Centre (703)
704OCBC Centre (704)
705OCBC Centre (705)

OCBC Account Number

You might have difficulty remembering your OCBC account number due to the many numbers. The followings are the step-by-step to look for it.

  1. Log in to OCBC iBanking.
  2. Click on “see full transaction details”.
  3. Input one-time password, click “submit”.
  4. Your complete account number is located at the indicated location.

Can I Find OCBC Account Number by Name?

If you happen to lose your bankbook and you haven’t registered yourself in OCBC internet banking service, so you don’t know what your account number is, here is what to do.

First, find the customer service number on the back of your debit/credit card, and give it a call.

Your name, address, and the number of social security are possibly required to ensure that they can check your identity. Then, the customer service will tell your account number.

How to Find OCBC Account Number without a Check?

You may still be able to find your OCBC account number without a check. The only thing you need to have is a monthly bank statement.

The account number is located at the top of the document, labeled as “account number”.

How to Transfer Funds via OCBC iBanking?

Transfer funds can now quickly be done via OCBC online banking service. Install OCBC iBanking to your smartphone.

You can also open in your smartphone browser. Then, log in to OCBC iBanking and choose the bank you want to transfer funds to.

Enter the correct number of the bank account. With OCBC iBanking, you no longer need the branch code and name.

However, you can also make transactions without branch code at ATMs.

How to Change Personal Information at OCBC Branches?

Bring your passport or NRIC along with the completed modification form to any OCBC branch. Mailing address changes can be done instantly, while other changes take 3 working days.

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