How to Check OCBC Account Number

Check OCBC Account Number

Account number is an assigned series of code that’s given to OCBC Bank client when they first open an account.

The number is used for various bank related transactions, such as setting up deposit or ordering online checks.

In a way, you can think of account number like an identity or customer. It is unique to each account owner.

How to Check OCBC Account Number

Read about how to check OCBC account number below if you are yet to know the steps to do so:

  1. Open OCBC online banking official site at Internet Banking Login
  2. Input your ‘Access Code’ and ‘PIN’.
  3. Press on the ‘Login’ button.
  4. Next step on how to check OCBC account number is to select ‘Details / Transactions’ menu.
  5. See a part of your account number underneath ‘What you have (Assets)’ menu.
  6. To see the full series number, select ‘See full transaction details
  7. You’ll be sent of OTP and input it accordingly, then press on ‘Submit’ to proceed.
  8. Your full account number will be shown on the provided space.

Check OCBC Account Number via ATM

  1. Insert your OCBC ATM card.
  2. Select Other Services after entering your PIN.
  3. Select Print Statement
  4. You will get OCBC account number information

What Is OCBC Account Number?

The full account number of OCBC Bank is comprised of 10 digits. The first three digits are the branch code of OCBC bank. For example, if your account number at this bank is ‘501123956001’, then ‘501’ is the code of OCBC branch.

How Many Types of OCBC Account Are There?

There are 8 types of OCBC account:

  1. 350 account (with 3.45{f2932573177a8f6d4126706c5260dc805538e77bc28162a6eeabcbd46e75fc12} interest annually, Savings Account + Bonus (with 1.45{f2932573177a8f6d4126706c5260dc805538e77bc28162a6eeabcbd46e75fc12} interest annually)
  2. Monthly Savings Account
  3. Global Savings Account (benefits of saving in 8 currencies)
  4. Child Development Account (for newborn savings)
  5. Time Deposit Account (higher benefits with regular tenures)
  6. Passbook Savings Account (benefit of passbook)
  7. Statement Savings Account (benefit of monthly statements)
  8. and Mighty Savers Account (savings account for kids with 0.6{f2932573177a8f6d4126706c5260dc805538e77bc28162a6eeabcbd46e75fc12} interest annually).

How to Decide Which OCBC Account Is Right For Me?

It depends on why you need to open OCBC bank account and financial profile. For instance, if you still have student status and don’t have regular income yet, you aren’t eligible to get 360 account, so you should opt for accounts like Passbook Savings Account when you can receive and spend your allowance more easily.

How Can I Open or Get New OCBC Account?

For new clients, as permanent residents and citizens of Singapore, you may apply simply with SingPass.

The quick and secure application process is performed by providing your personal details, including income data to OCBC MyInfo.

As alternative, you may fill application form online in the official site of OCBC.

For existing clients of OCBC Bank, if you want to open another account, you may apply it through the online banking service and follow direction from there.

Do I Get Charged with Fee if I Own OCBC Account?

There’s a possibility that you will be charged with fee if the value of your account falls below the set level.

What Do I Need to Provide When Opening New OCBC Account?

If you visit the local OCBC branch, then you’ll need to bring ID card, money for initial deposit (optional), and residence prove document such as phone bill, utility bill, or bank statement.

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