How to Deposit Cash in OCBC

Deposit Cash in OCBC

As an OCBC client, you are able to deposit cash in the ATM. The advance technology nowadays allows bank clients to enjoy the convenience – some banks even provide handy service that lets their customers to deposit checks only by taking picture and submit it to mobile banking application.

However, of course this benefit won’t be possible if you’re going to deposit cash money. One advantage of deposit cash instead of check is that the process is much faster and the effect will be taken immediately after you perform the act.

Deposit Cash In OCBC Using ATM

To learn more about how to deposit cash in OCBC, review the process below and follow them from the first to the last step accordingly.

  1. Locate the nearest ATM branch near you. You may use OCBC Bank Locator.
  2. Enter your card in available slot.
  3. Choose language between English and Chinese.
  4. Next step of how to deposit cash in OCBC is to select menu of deposit service.
  5. Prepare to input the cash deposit in the form of coins and/or dollar notes. The machine will accept dollar notes with value of Singapore $2, $5, $10, $50, $100 and $1,000 – in maximum amount of 2000 dollar notes per transactions and maximum $20,000 per deposit.

What Are the Services Available in the ATM Besides Cash Deposit?

Aside from cash deposit service there are 4 other types of service:

  1. Cash withdrawal, with daily limit per transaction and options of dollar notes in either Singapore $10, $50, or $1,000.
  2. Personal details change, to change your e-mail address, physical mailing address, and contact numbers.
  3. Services for card such as activating card for abroad usage, changing limit on ATM withdrawal and spending limit on debit card.
  4. Services for your account like view transactions and balance information.

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Am I Charged for Depositing Cash?

You won’t be charged for dollar notes, but there’s a charge for coin deposit (S$0.012/coin) except for Mighty Savers Program account.

How Can I Retain My ATM Card?

You have to contact OCBC bank immediately 1800 363 3333 (inside Singapore) or +65 6363 3333 (outside Singapore).

How Do I Perform ATM Transaction Safely?

Make sure you check out and look around the ATM area first before using the machine. If you consider it as safe, cover the PIN keypad when you input the number. After your transaction has completed, save your card and put away the receipt.

What If My ATM Card is expired?

You will receive a brand-new ATM card, which will be sent by OCBC bank around a month before the expiration date.

Is My Old ATM Card Usable for My Account?

Your old and expired ATM card wouldn’t be able to be used anymore as the part of security. The deactivation begins 30 days after you receive the letter.

In case you want to get ATM card replacement, you can download and mail back a downloaded and filled out form, or ask it in the nearest OCBC branch around you. OCBC Bank branch open from Monday-Fridays at 9 A.M to 4.30 A.M and Saturday at 9 A.M to 11.30 A.M.

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