How to Delete Payee in POSB

Delete Payee in POSB

It can be overwhelming for some to get their payee names piling up uncontrollably. Besides it looks messy, such thing may also lead to a risk of sending a huge sum of money to the wrong payee, especially if there are two payees with same names.

If you feel inundated with too many payee names, it is time to ‘declutter’ it bit by bit. In case you own a POSB saving account, it is relatively easy to delete payee name from your internet banking or mobile banking payee list.

However, if you still have no idea on how to delete payee in POSB, don’t worry. This article will sum up the information for you.

How Can I Delete Payee in Internet Banking?

Just like other transaction using internet banking, you will have to have your browser in order to proceed.

  1. Log in to POSB iBanking online.POSB Online Login
  2. Pick ‘Transfer’. Then, hover the pointer to ‘More Transfer Services’.
  3. There will be a column mentioning ‘Manage Recipients and Transfers’. Select delete DBS or POSB recipient to proceed.Remove Payee in POSB
  4. If prompted you will need to input your IB Secure PIN too.
  5. Next, select the payee name(s) or Recipient to delete.delete a payee on POSB iBanking
  6. Simply click Next, followed by Submit.

How to Delete Payee via Mobile Banking?

Well, the question ‘how to delete payee in POSB’ in mobile banking has similar step-by-step like the ones with internet banking.

  1. You will have to launch the mobile banking app first then log in to your mobile banking system by entering your User ID and PIN. You can also log in with Touch ID / Face ID.
  2. Proceed to tap on ‘Pay & Transfer’, and followed by ‘Local’.
  3. Scroll down to pick the name you want to delete from your payee list. Then, tap the (i) icon located on the right of the payee’s name.
  4. There will be an additional menu appearing on your screen. Pick ‘Delete Payee’ to dismiss the name.
  5. Confirm the deletion it by tapping ‘Yes’.

Can I Delete the Payee Names Associated to Other Bank’s Account?

Yes, you can. In internet banking, the option to delete other bank recipient is located right below the option to delete DBS/POSB payee names.

The next processes will remain the same, and so will the step by step in mobile banking.

How to Delete Overseas Recipient in POSB iBanking?

Well, the steps are similar to deleting payee names with other bank’s account.

Simply access your internet banking then navigate your way to delete recipients from other banks. Complete the process and confirm the deletion.

Is It Possible to Bulk Deleting the Payee List?

Unfortunately, it is not. So, you have to delete it one by one since you will have to ensure that the payee name you want to delete is right.

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Is It Possible to Restore the Deleted Payee Names?

No, it isn’t. You will need to manually enter the recipient list once again since there are no option to restore the deleted information.

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