How to Contact OCBC Bank

Contact OCBC Bank

In this current age, financial management is one of the most crucial concerns for nearly, if not all people. Various financial institutions, such as banks have emerged to provide convenient solutions as a safe protection for your money as well as providing credit solutions.

Now, customer satisfaction is one of the primary focuses of many banks, including OCBC. In order to focus on their customer, OCBC puts effort in building optimum customer support.

Contact OCBC Bank

If you are one of the OCBC customers that needs assistance of question over a specific matter, here are several ways on how to contact OCBC Bank:

  1. For personal banking account, contact OCBC customer service by calling 6363 3333 or +65 6363 3333 (for overseas call).
  2. For premier banking account, contact OCBC customer service by calling 1800 773 6437 or +65 6530 5930
  3. If you prefer to do correspondence via mail, you can send it to the following address:

OCBC Bank Centre Branch
65 Chulia St
#01-00 OCBC Centre
Singapore 049513

Is OCBC Bank Hotline Available for 24 hours?

OCBC customer service hotline for personal banking account is available for 24 hours.

To use other available methods on how to contact OCBC Bank, please contact only on business days (Monday to Friday) on 8.30 A.M to 6.00 P.M

In What Circumstances I Should Contact OCBC Bank?

Feel free to contact OCBC Bank if you need to open a new account or need a form, to make claim over insurance, or to register of digital banking (phone banking, SMS banking, mobile banking, and online banking).

You may also reach the customer service if you have card-related problem such as the card is stolen or lost, or if it’s unexpectedly reached the limit and went overdraft.

What Will OCBC Bank Do To My Account If I Contact It When My Card Is Stolen?

OCBC Bank will take immediate action in order to protect your banking account and the money within. For instance, the bank may cancel the card, the book, and give you replacements.

For further measure, you may report the occurrence to the police so the crime will be logged and given a reference number.

Can I Contact OCBC Bank Through Online and Mobile Banking Instead?

Yes, it’s possible but remember, you need to be registered first to digital banking in order to get access code and PIN number (to access the account remotely).

There is also a chat and voice-based assistant called OCBC Banking Assistant to help you with multiple of banking matters including transactions and enquiries.

How Can I Sign Up for OCBC Online and Mobile Banking Remotely?

To get immediate access to OCBC online banking, you can read how to apply OCBC internet banking

Download and fill the form, then submit it to nearest OCBC branch, in order to instantly get your access code and PIN. After that, you are able to access online banking service instantly.

Is It Secure to Contact and Discuss My OCBC Banking Issue Through Digital Banking Services?

It is definitely secure. All the interactions through online banking platform and mobile banking application with customers are protected by security and privacy features.

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