How to Check OCBC Transaction History

Check OCBC Transaction History

As OCBC customers you are able to get view access on transactions made by your account. It helps to check in case there’s any mistake during transaction. The transaction history can be accessed by visiting local OCBC Bank branch or through online banking.

By looking at your transaction history, you’d be able to keep track of your financial actions and plan the upcoming expenditures. It is also a very helpful tool for budgeting, because it allows you to see how much money are spent on various categories. The data will show you history in chronological order to the most recent transaction, with recorded date, payer or payee’s name, and amount of money.

If you choose the convenient online banking method, here’s how to check OCBC transaction history:

  1. Visit OCBC official online banking site at
  2. Input your access code and PIN code.OCBC Internet Banking Login
  3. Select the account type that you want to see the transaction history.
  4. Click on “Details/Transactions”.
  5. Choose the menu of “See more transaction details” to view the full transaction details.OCBC Transaction History
  6. Enter One-Time Password (OTP) given when prompted.

What Is Transaction History?

Transaction history is the recorded data that inform you about each of your transaction on certain time period. It includes the number of your bank account, transaction list, and the current balance.

What Others Banking Information I Can Get Aside from Transaction History from Online Banking Service?

Besides history of your transactions, you’d be able to see balances in your bank account, limit of your credit card as well as the payment due date and amount. You can see others services provided as well.

Why Do I Need to Input OTP to Access Full Details of My Banking Account?

One-Time Password (OTP) is required to ensure security of your sensitive information, such as the full details of your transactions and other bank accounts data.

For further measure, your transaction details, account number and name will be masked.

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Is There Way to See and Save My Transaction History?

E-Statement is the digital version you may choose to view your transaction history. The document can be downloaded in PDF format from online banking service of OCBC.

E-Statements contain the data of the last 3 years of your banking transactions in soft copy form.

How Can I Get The File of OCBC Bank E-Statement?

E-Statements are sent to the e-mail address that you registered to OCBC Bank. If the E-Statements is viewed mobile banking or online banking, you’ll be notified via e-mail as well.

If you change your e-mail address, please confirm it to OCBC via mobile banking, online banking, ATM, or service kiosks.

How Can I Get Physical Version of E-Statement?

Open OCBC online banking and log into your account. Choose ‘Your Accounts’ menu, ‘Manage E-Statements’.

You will see a box to choose paper statement, and you have to un-check it. However, the service is currently only available for Saving Accounts, 360 Accounts, and FRANK Accounts.

How Much Does It Cost to Get E-Statement?

E-Statement is a service that’s available for free for all OCBC Bank customers.

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