How to Change POSB Card PIN

Change POSB Card PIN

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a series of code to verify and secure someone’s identity. In a way, it works similarly to password, so it’s important to keep your PIN as secret due to the fact that it provides access to important services to your accounts, such as banking.

When you have an account in POSB Bank, you will be required to create PIN in order to prevent any unwanted and unauthorized access to your banking assets and information. If you forget or lose it, it’s necessary to reset and change the PIN immediately.

Change POSB Card PIN

Here’s how to change POSB card PIN using online form.

  1. Open POSB official site at
  2. Choose ‘Online Form’ menu to reset PIN of your card
  3. Choose menu of ‘Use my Card and PINReset POSB ATM Card Online
  4. Choose your type of identification and input the ID numberReset POSB ATM Card
  5. Input the last 4 digits of your ATM card, Debit card, or Credit Card numbers
  6. Press ‘Submit
  7. You’ll receive OTP via SMS, which you should enter and then click ‘OK
  8. Choose which card of yours that needs the PIN to be reset
  9. Next step on how to change POSB card PIN is to type in and confirm the new reset card PIN
  10. Press ‘Submit’ to complete the process

Is there Any Other Way I Can Change My POSB Card Pin besides Online Form?

Yes, there are three other methods to change your POSB Card PIN which are through Video Teller Machine (VTM), digibank Mobile app, or digibank online service.

Change My POSB Card Pin via digibank Online

  1. Visit digibank online site and log in using your user ID and PIN.
  2. Then choose ‘Cards’ and ‘Reset Card PIN’.
  3. Type in your PIN for iB security, select the card you’d like the PIN to be reset.
  4. Type in and confirm the new PIN, and then press ‘Submit’ to complete.

Reset My POSB Card Pin via digibank Mobile

  1. Please log into your digibank Mobile app by using digibank User ID and PIN or Facial/Touch ID recognition.
  2. Select ‘More’ menu, then Manage Cards and Loans.
  3. Choose menu of ‘Reset Card PIN’.
  4. Choose which card accordingly, then type in the new PIN and click on ‘Change PIN’ to proceed with your request.

Change My POSB Card Pin via Video Teller Machine (VTM)?

  1. Insert your card on the provided slot and then proceed with the required process of authentication for several times.
  2. After the attempts have failed, you’ll be asked if you’d like to reset your card PIN.
  3. To continue, input your NRIC or scanned passport for foreigner.
  4. Wait before POSB assistant helps you with the following procedure.

How Long Do I Need to Wait before My New POSB Card PIN is Registered and Usable?

The new card PIN is able to be used immediately for transactions after changed.

Will The Methods above Change My POSB iBanking PIN As Well?

It won’t work for iBanking PIN, as ATM card or Credit Card PIN and iBanking PIN are not the same.

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