Change POSB ATM Withdrawal Limit

Change OCBC ATM Card Withdrawal Limit

In some occasions, you may need an extra cash to pay for something urgent like health bills or any other unexpected bills. To get that extra cash, many of us rely on 24/7 ATM service.

However, this does not always answer what our needs. Let’s say you may need a bigger amount than the withdrawal limit of your card. What can you do to deal with that?

Luckily, in POSB Bank, you can easily change POSB ATM Card withdrawal limit. To see the steps on how to change POSB ATM withdrawal limit, check out this article below.

How Can I Change POSB ATM Withdrawal Limit via Internet Banking?

With internet banking it seems easy to do any banking activities on yourself. Changing withdrawal limit can be done too through this banking method.

  1. Access the portal (website) for internet banking first. Then, simply log in by entering your user ID and your PIN.
  2. Activate ‘Cards’ tab, then click on the drop-down option ‘Change ATM Card Limit’.How to change withdraw money from POSB
  3. Next, pick which ATM card you wish to change the limit. Then review the limit and give it a change according to your need.POSB Withdraw
  4. Don’t forget to click on the tick box, which indicates that you have read the terms and conditions.
  5. Proceed by clicking ‘Next’.
  6. Review your request once more. If everything is all set, click on ‘Submit’.

How Can I Change POSB ATM Withdrawal Limit via Mobile Banking?

If you are using mobile banking app, you might wonder how to change POSB ATM withdrawal limit too. Below are the steps to do that.

  1. Similar to internet banking, make sure you have logged onto your account.
  2. Find ‘Transfer Settings’ to then tap on ‘ATM/Debit Card Limit’ icon.Change POSB ATM Withdrawal Limit via Mobile Banking
  3. Choose the ATM card you want to change its withdrawal limit.
  4. There will be an ATM withdrawal limit option. Click on that to set the new value. Tap ‘Next’.Update POSB ATM Withdrawal Limit
  5. If you’re prompted to input an OTP number, enter the authentication number.
  6. Review the amendment request, and complete the process by tapping ‘Change Daily Limit Now’.Change POSB ATM card limits

How Long Will It Take to Change the Limit?

Unfortunately, to change your withdrawal limit through both methods will take you one business day. There are quicker methods, by the way.

So, if you are in a hurry, it is better to alter your limit through these methods.

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What Are the Other Options to Change the Withdrawal Limit?

Yes, you can directly visit any nearest POSB branches and ask the CSO to change the withdrawal limit. However, sometimes you are hindered with the bank operational hours.

To answer that, Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) can help you for 24/7.

What is VTM and How to Use It?

Just like its name, VTM is a machine that offers you self-service bank services (non-cash). It works for 24/7 – and changing your withdrawal limit can be done this way too.

You need to prepare your NRIC and ATM/Debit Card (passport if you’re a foreigner) and visit the nearest POSB VTM.

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Where Can I find VTM?

To find a nearby VTM, you can visit POSB VTM locator on their website. Don’t forget to activate your location tracker to find the nearest VTM.

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