How to Change OCBC Phone Number

Change OCBC Phone Number

Phone number is one of the essential parts to ensure your banking security. In case your phone number changes, you have to make sure to notify the related bank, so they can use your new number to inform about any relevant messages, such as transactions or transfers.

Updating the phone number and other personal details of yours might sound like a simple request, but it’s actually critical to protect your account. For those who are currently a client of OCBC bank, it’s important to recognize by how necessary it is to take the extra steps for verification.

How to Change OCBC Phone Number

Aside from personal mobile number, it’s also recommended to provide your office and home number. Now, here is a guide on how to change OCBC phone number by using online banking service in several easy steps:

  1. Open OCBC online banking official site at
  2. Click LoginOCBC Internet Banking Login
  3. Input your Access Code and PIN.
  4. Press on the Login button.
  5. Choose menu of Customer Service.
  6. Choose menu of Change personal detailUpdate Mobile Phone Number OCBC
  7. Youll be sent One Time Password (OTP). Enter the code accordingly, then press Submit
  8. Select Edit to open page to edit your personal details.
  9. Input your new phone numbers (home, mobile, or office) in the provided field.Update Phone Number OCBC.JPG
  10. Check the Agree box to proceed, and then select Next.
  11. Verify over your new phone number, and then click on Submit.

Is There Any Other Methods to Change My OCBC Phone Number?

Yes. There are three other different methods on how to change OCBC phone number: (1) By using OCBC ATM; (2) By using phone banking to call 1800 363 3333 (if you’re in Singapore) or (65) 6363 3333 (if you’re outside of Singapore); (3) By mailing downloaded form of contact number changes; or (4) by visiting the nearest OCBC Bank branches.

How Can I Change My Phone Number via OCBC ATM?

Go to the nearest OCBC ATM (you may use ATM locator to do so). Choose menu ‘Other Services’ and then choose ‘Update Contact Particulars’. Your phone number details will be automatically changed after.

How Can I Change My Phone Number via Call?

Contact 1800 363 3333, choose preferable language then select Banking option by pressing 0 and 2. Contact (+65) 6363 3333 if you’re currently overseas.

How Can I Change My Phone Number via Mail?

Download the form in OCBC official site, complete it out, and then mail it to OCBC center. It will take about 7 working days to be changed.

How Can I Change OCBC Phone Number at Bank Branches?

Download the form in OCBS official site, complete it out, and then bring it to the local branch along with your identity card.

What if I cannot Access My Online Banking Because I Forget My Password?

You have to recover the access code that’s handed to you back when you first register up for online banking. To Login, you will need your PIN as well. Simply contact OCBC phone numbers above if you aren’t sure about the access code.

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