How to Change OCBC Mailing Address

Change OCBC Mailing Address

Each time you register to open OCBC bank account, you will be asked to provide mailing address. It can be your home, office building, or office suite address. Note that some banks may only request you to submit residential address, while others may ask for business address as well.

Post Office Box (PO Box), mailbox rental services, and virtual mailbox services are not considered as physical mailing address, which means they aren’t eligible to be used as your bank accounts mailing address.

How to Change OCBC Mailing Address

Just like any other part of your personal details, your address might change. You need to inform the bank in case it happened. Here’s how to change OCBC mailing address by using online banking:

  1. Open OCBC online banking official site at
  2. Click Login
  3. Input your Access Code and PIN.
  4. Select Customer Service menu and then choose Change mailing address option.Change OCBC Mailing Address
  5. Check the box of mailing address to choose the address type that you want to change, then press Next.Change mailing address OCBC
  6. Input the new mailing address in detail. Click on Get address to select your postal code and your street name must be filled in automatically. Enter your building name, house number or apartment unit number, and then proceed by clicking Next.Change Address Mail OCBC
  7. Do a double check over the inputted details before submitting.
  8. Last step of how to change OCBC mailing address is to verify the changes and then press Submit.Update Mailing Address OCBC
  9. FinishUpdating Mailing Address OCBC

Do I need to Submit My Mailing Address When Opening OCBC Bank Account?

Yes, you need to bring along your residential proof such as utility bills or phone bills.

How Long Does It Take for My Mailing Address to Be Changed?

Expect the change to take place immediately for OCBC saving accounts and credit cards. For other OCBC accounts and products such as bills, safe deposit box, loans, iOCBC, unit trust, foreign exchanges, or treasury products, you may need to wait about 7 business days.

What Are Other Ways To Do Banking Without Using Mailing Address?

You may apply for digital banking, phone banking, or SMS banking to manage your account.

How Can I Apply for Digital Banking?

For mobile or online banking, fill and submit application form at For applying via mail, get and fill from official OCBC site or nearest branch, then mail the form to Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd address. To get access code and PIN for your digital banking account, visit the local OCBC branch.

How Can I Apply for Phone Banking?

You may use the same methods as digital banking application above, by mailing downloaded form to the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd address or visiting nearest branch of OCBC branch around you.

During the phone banking account registration, you’ll be given telephone PIN, which is used to access phone banking by calling OCBC numbers.

How Can I Apply for SMS Banking?

To apply for SMS banking, you need to send request via SMS from your registered phone number. The request should be sent to 72323 (if you’re inside of Singapore) or +65 9327 2323 (if you’re outside of Singapore), then you’ll receive OTP for authentication process for signing up.

You may also want to see our guide on how to change OCBC phone number online.

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