How to Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit

Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit

Sometimes, due to transaction limitation that your bank has, you might not be able to precede a payment.

Most banks apply a curb on daily transfer with the purpose of reducing risk in case their customers are facing fraud or wrongful transaction and lessening liquidity risk for the bank itself.

How to Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit

If you own OCBC saving account, then beside of the daily transfer, your monthly withdrawal will also be limited.

Although OCBC has determined the transaction limit, as a client, you are able to change it by increasing or lowering the limit. Here’s how to change OCBC daily transfer limit:

  1. Open OCBC online banking official site at
  2. Input your ‘Access Code’ and ‘PIN’.
  3. Press on the ‘Login’ button.
  4. Select ‘Customer Service’ menu and then choose ‘Update Transaction Limits’ option.Update Transactions Limit OCBC
  5. You’ll be sent One Time Password (OTP). Enter the code accordingly then press ‘Submit’.
  6. Click the drop-down menu, then choose your preferred transfer limit, then press ‘Next’.change transfer limit OCBC
  7. Do verification upon the adjusted limit then click on ‘Submit’.Increase OCBC Transfer limit
  8. Last step on how to change OCBC daily transfer limit is to input the given 6 digits token code, then simply press ‘Submit’ to proceed.Update Transfer Limit OCBC

What Is The Default Daily Transfer Limit of OCBC Bank?

The initial limit for daily transfer for any OCBC account is $5,000. If you need to perform transaction above this figure, then you have to adjust the limit by increasing it.

Likewise, if you feel the limit is too high, you may lower it as well.

Does OCBC Daily Limit Apply If I Transfer to Another Bank?

Yes, it does. If you plan for transaction for future date, the limit will be applied on the transfer date.

Please note that transfer process from OCBC to other bank will take 2-3 business day if you choose to not be charged by transfer fee.

Is My Newly Adjusted Daily Transfer Limit Going to Apply Immediately If I Perform It Via Online Banking?

Yes, it’s going to. If you choose to change your daily transfer and withdrawal limit via online banking, you can reap the benefit instantly after making the change.

How Can I Make Faster Transfer Transaction to Another Bank?

As mentioned above, free-charge transfer to other bank will take 2-3 days to proceed. For more urgent transaction, you may opt for same-say transfer.

You will be charged of S$5.00 for each transaction. Note the same-day transfer that performed on public holiday, weekend, or after 4.30 PM will be processed on the upcoming business day.

How Can I Make Online Transfer?

If you have registered mobile banking for your OCBC account, you may use Pay Anyone service. It is a new feature that allows you to send money from your current account or personal savings account.

The recipient will be informed through their mobile phone number, e-mail, or social media account.

You may also want to see our guide on how to change OCBC phone number.

Can I Perform Transfer Fund via Mobile Banking?

Yes, it’s possible. To make transfer via mobile banking, log in to your account, choose the menu bar, and then select ‘Transfer’ menu.

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