How to Change OCBC Credit Card Limit

Change OCBC Credit Card Limit

Sometimes you are struggling with the maximum limit your credit card has, especially if you are dealing with certain circumstances like medical conditions, holiday, wedding, or maybe funeral.

If you are an OCBC credit card holder, you may even wonder, is it possible to increase the limit of your credit card? To get an insight on how to change OCBC credit card limit, you can read the information below.

How to Increase Your OCBC Credit Card Limit Permanently

To increase the limit permanently, you need to make sure your monthly and annual revenue are higher than the data in their record. If your newest data reflect that your salary is lower than the one in their database, chances are your credit card will not be granted an increase.

Plus, there is maximum limit increase your credit card can get according to your annual income. With S$30,000-S$119,999 annual income, you can increase the limit up to 4 times your actual annual income. Meanwhile, with more than S$120,000 annual income, the limit increase is possible up to 6 times your current annual income.

To process your limit increase, here are the steps.

  1. You can do it by visiting the local branch or simply mailing them the form.
  2. There is downloadable form you can print, fill in, and mail.How to Change OCBC Credit Card Limit
  3. Sending the completed form through fax to (+65)6830-7917 is also allowed.

Changing OCBC Credit Card Limit: Permanent vs Temporary

There are two options on changing your OCBC credit card limit: changing it permanently, or just temporarily. You may see it clear what permanent increase on credit card limit is, but what about a temporary limit increase?

A temporary OCBC credit card limit increase can be requested especially when you are dealing with these following purposes:

  • Wedding
  • Medical
  • Funeral
  • Travel and hospitalization
  • Travel

What Should I Prepare for the Limit Increase Application?

There are documents you need to submit along with the mail/fax submission.

For salaried employees, you will need to submit:

  • Latest computerized/scanned pay slip and latest income tax notice of assessment, or
  • Latest 6 months statement of CPF contribution

As for self-employed and various income earners, the needed documents are:

  • Latest income tax notice of assessment, or
  • Latest 12 months statement of CPF contribution.

Lastly, for foreigners, the requested documents are:

  • Employment pass, which is valid for at least 6 months at that time.
  • Latest computerized/scanned pay slip, and
  • Latest income tax notice of assessment
  • Latest bank statement with the focus of salary crediting, especially in the last month

Can I Change My Credit Card Limit Permanently via Call?

Unfortunately, you can’t. It is only allowed for a temporary limit increase application. You will have to follow the whole process of how to change OCBC credit card limit by sending the form by mail/fax, or directly visiting the nearest branch.

What should I Do to Temporarily Increase the Credit Card Limit?

To get it quicker, simply dial the OCBC hotline in 6363-3333 and you can tell the CSO about your concern.

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How Long will the Application be Processed?

After mailing or sending the fax the completed form, it normally takes up to 2 weeks for your documents to be processed. Any changes or further information regarding your credit limit increase will be informed by mail.

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