How to Change OCBC Access Code

Change OCBC Access Code

The question on how to change OCBC access code is always in everyone’s mind, especially by those who have lots of OCBC accounts. Changing the code is mandatory to avoid any chances of data leakage and hacking.

If you have been wondering on how to change OCBC access code, you should find the instructions here. It will surely help you out and show you how easy it is to change the code on your own. There is no need to go to the bank physically to get the code changed.

Change OCBC Access Code via Internet Banking

  1. Start by visiting the website
  2. Login to your account using your existing access code and then enter the PIN.OCBC Online Banking Login
  3. Once you have access to the account, select “Customer Service” tap on the upper part of the page.
  4. Then, a drop down menu will appear, locate the option “Online Banking Settings“. Click on that menu.
  5. There, you will find further options, including “Change Access Code“. Click on that option.Settings OCBC Access Code
  6. A box to input your existing and new access code will appear. Fill them up and click “Submit” when you are done.Change OCBC Access Code via Internet Banking
  7. An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. It has OTP code in it. Enter the OTP code to verify and complete the process.

Change OCBC Access Code via Mobile App

  1. Open the app and login to your account. You do not need to use the existing access code here and use the fingerprint ID (biometric) instead.Setting OCBC Access Code
  2. Find the “Settings” option. It is on the menu by the left corner of the screen.
  3. Then, find “Online Banking Settings“. Once tapped, there will be option “Change Access CodeChange OCBC Access Code via Mobile App
  4. Enter the existing and new code. Confirm it and the tap “SubmitUpdate OCBC Access Code
  5. Check on your SMS inbox; locate the OTP code sent by OCBC. Copy the code and verify the access code change.
  6. The process is completed.

Why Do I Need to Change the Access Code?

Access code is the only way to login into your bank account (via internet banking) and to the mobile banking as well.

Changing the code every once in a while protecting your account and data from hacking and phishing risks.

What Do I Have to Prepare to Change My Access Code?

Basically you have to prepare three mandatory things:

  • First, your existing access code.
  • Second, you need to prepare its PIN as well.
  • Third, you need a registered phone number because an OTP will be sent to the number to change the access code.

What Should My New Access Code be Like?

The new access code is just like the existing one. It has to be easy to remember (by you only) and it has 6-14 character.

Avoid using date of birth or easy-to-guess numeral digits for as the access code.

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Can I Change the Access Number on OCBC Branch?

Yes, you can. To change the access code with the help of OCBC customer service, go to the nearest branch.

It opens Monday to Friday, usually from 9 AM in the morning to 4 PM in the afternoon.

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