Change Address POSB Bank Account

Change Address POSB Bank Account

Everyone who has POSB account should know how to change address in POSB. The complete information and tutorial is going to be provided below.

It will help you to change your address easily on your account. Here is the detail information.

Changing Address POSB via Mobile Banking

  1. Open the POSB Mobile Banking app (Digibank)
  2. Login using User ID and PIN. You can also use Face ID or Fingerprint ID to login into your account.
  3. Once logged in, select the option “Your Profile“.Change Address POSB via Mobile Banking
  4. Select “Update Contact Details” optionChanging Address POSB via Mobile Banking
  5. Tap on the “Mailing Address” option and then select “NextChange mailing address POSB
  6. Your current residential address will appear on the screen. There is the option “Update” underneath it. Tap on that.Update Mailing Address POSB Bank Account
  7. Enter your new address to the available space.
  8. There will be question to state whether or not your residential address is the same as your mailing address. Tap yes/no accordingly. Then, tap “NextChange my personal details with POSB
  9. The new address will appear on the screen. Review them and when they are correct, select the option “Update Address Now
  10. Your request for address update is now complete.

Changing Address POSB via Internet Banking

  1. Open the Digibank internet banking on your browser
  2. Login using your User ID and PINPOSB Online Login
  3. Look at the top part of the screen and search for the option “Preferences“. Click on it and then find “Update Mailing Address“.Change Address POSB Bank Account
  4. You will be asked to enter the iB secure PIN. Enter the PIN.
  5. Now, go to “My Residential Address” and change the address to your new/current address.Update Address POSB Bank Account
  6. If the mailing address is changing as well, click on “My Mailing Address” and do the same.
  7. Click on the “Account/Service” option; select the card/account that will be associated with the new address.
  8. Click on the “Effective Date” and fill in the exact date to which the change will be applied to the card.
  9. View the “Details of the Transaction” and then enter your Secure PIN.
  10. Click “Submit
  11. Your request is now completed.

Is There Any Other Ways to Change My Address?

Yes, you can also change your address using MyInfo, Video Teller Machine (VTM), AXS Station, and also by filling a form and mail it to us (applied for those overseas).

You can also come to a branch and change the address with the help of a customer service.

When Will the Change Take Effect on My Card/Account?

The address update is going to take immediate effect. However, if you choose the change to be applied in particular time (see the “Effective Date” step on the how to change address in POSB above), the effect will take on the exact time you have wished for.

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I Have Changed My Address in My POSB Credit Card and It Does Not Seem to Be Working, Why?

When you update the address on credit card, the update will take at least 1 working day.

The same thing happens when you change the address on an account related to Margin Trading.

It will take longer (usually 4 days) to complete.

Besides Address, What Other Personal Particulars Can I Update?

You can change your mobile number, as well as the consent status and email address.

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