How to Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Do you have an unused OCBC credit card? If so, maybe it is time to deactivate your credit card. It is a wise decision, especially if you want to cut any unneeded expenses.

Once you detach yourself from the use of credit card, there will be no annual fees charged to you or hours to contemplate why the bank statement goes horridly. So, to get an insight how to cancel OCBC credit card, check out the steps below.

Deactivating Your OCBC Credit Card: How to Start

Unfortunately, to cancel or deactivate your OCBC credit card, you will have to do several things prior to informing your credit card provider about your intention to terminate the credit card.

  1. First, make sure your credit card has no payment obligation to do and make sure the balance is S$0.
  2. If you have any installment plans going on, it is advised to cut off and do a full payment directly. However, if you do not think that you are financially enough still to do it, probably sticking with your credit card can help. Or, if the installment plans enable you to pay the installment by cash, why not reconsider that option?
  3. If it is possible and you are into getting some rewards, you may redeem any credit card rewards. That way, once you set yourself free from credit card, you will not be burdened once you miss the chance to be rewarded like such.

Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Once you are done with those pre-deactivation stuffs and you have thought it well about switching off the card, you can go to your bank to get the credit card deactivated.

Follow their procedures well on how to cancel OCBC credit card. Usually they will try to verify your identity and asking for your valid identification card.

They may also ask you the reason why you want to stop using the credit card service.

Deactivating Your OCBC Credit Card via Call

Aside from deactivating it directly by visiting the bank, it is also possible to deactivate your credit card via call. Simply dial OCBC’s hotline in 1800-363-3333 from your mobile phone.

They will guide you to proceed with the CC cancellation. Make sure to note the date, time, and the CSO’s name you’re talking with.

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Is It Possible to Deactivate Credit Card while being Abroad?

Yes, it is possible. You can call (+65) 6363 3333 and follow the instructions given by the CSO.

Is There Any Chance I Can File the Cancellation Online?

Unlike applying for the credit card itself, there is not any online application for credit card cancellation still.

So, other than placing a call or paying a visit to a nearby branch, you cannot file for OCBC credit card cancellation through the net.

What should I Do after Cancelling the Credit Card?

Whether you do it directly on the branch or through the call, you will need to do this:

  1. Check your mailbox. There should be a confirmation mail mentioning that you are no longer a credit card user.
  2. Check the last credit card statement. This is to make sure that your card has been annulled.

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