How to Cancel GIRO Payment POSB

Cancel GIRO Payment POSB

When you have an account in POSB and want to cancel a GIRO application, the method on how to cancel GIRO payment POSB can be found here. You need to read them carefully, and make sure cancelling the payment won’t confuse you.

Here is the full information on how to cancel GIRO payment POSB and other related FAQ that you may need in the process.

Cancel GIRO Payment POSB

  1. Open in your browser
  2. Use your DBS iBanking User ID and PIN to log in.POSB Online Login
  3. Once logged in, find the option “Pay” and click it.
  4. A few more options will be displayed on the screen, click on the option “More Payment Services“.
  5. Scroll the screen to find the option “Manage Payments and GIRO“. Click that option.Terminate POSB GIRO
  6. Then, click on “Delete GIRO Arrangement“.
  7. You will be asked to enter your internet banking secure PIN. Enter the 6-digit PIN and then click “Next“.
  8. Your account’s entire GIRO arrangement will be displayed on the screen. Now, select the arrangement that you want to terminate and then click “Next“.How to Cancel GIRO Payment POSB
  9. If you are asked to enter the termination date, enter the termination date and then click “Next“.
  10. Lastly, click “Submit
  11. Your request for GIRO termination has been sent.

How Long Does It Takes for My GIRO Termination to Complete?

The cancellation usually has an immediate effect. It will terminate the GIRO application right away.

However, when you are asked for the cancellation and you input for the termination date, the termination will be done on the specific date that you have entered.

Without that, the cancellation is just as soon as possible.

Can I Apply for GIRO Termination When I’m Overseas?

Yes, you can. When you are not in Singapore, it is possible to cancel the GIRO application by sending a cancellation form and mail it to POSB.

The cancellation form can be found on POSB official website and the form then can be mailed to the bank’s email address.

Can the Cancellation Be Done in POSB Customer Service?

Surely, you can always cancel the GIRO payment or arrangement via customer service.

You can go to the nearest branch and apply for the cancellation. However, if the situation is not enabling you to visit a branch, simply call the customer service on this line: 1800 339 6666 and talk to them directly.

Will I Get Notified When My GIRO Termination is completed?

Yes, usually an email notification will be sent to the account holder. Whether the cancellation has been approved, rejected or cancelled, it will be all informed.

Check the registered email address for your POSB account, and make sure it is still accessible.

Can the GIRO Cancellation Be Done in Video Teller Machine (VTM)?

It is possible to cancel a GIRO application using VTM. However, it is not quite common and people would rather choose other types of cancellation option.

If you have access to a VTM, though, feel free to use it to cancel the GIRO application.

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