How to Apply For POSB Internet Banking

Apply POSB Internet Banking

Online banking is a modern service that allows you to perform financial transaction through the internet. It is also typically referred as web banking or internet banking.

The service usually offers nearly all the services that can be conducted conventionally, such as transfers, deposits, or payments.

In this age, almost all banking institutions offer online banking service in some forms, be it via desktop or mobile application.

POSB online banking is more known as POSB digibank, which provides internet and mobile banking.

The service lets you do all the banking activities to manage finances that mentioned above, including applying for new bank account or credit card.

Register POSB Mobile Banking

Below are the steps on how to apply for POSB internet banking handily from your smartphone.

  1. Open App Store or Google Play to download Digibank Mobile application
  2. Open the downloaded app and select menu ‘More
  3. Under Apply, tap on New to digibankRegister POSB Mobile Banking
  4. Choose what type of identity you’re going to use, input your ID number and birthdate, and then click ‘NextApply POSB Mobile Banking
  5. Proceed to perform authentication by inputting card number and PIN or using facial recognition from SingPassapply for POSB internet banking
  6. Input your user ID and PIN, then perform verification by entering phone number, physical address, e-mail address, and then press ‘NextRegister for POSB mobile banking
  7. Check your inputted details and then certify by tapping ‘ConfirmHow do I register for POSB mobile banking
  8. The process on how to apply for POSB internet banking is completed. You may arrange digital token by proceeding to Digibank service

Register POSB Internet Banking

  1. Open Digibank Online
  2. Choose your Identity Type, key in your Identity Number, and input your Date of birth, click on Next.Register POSB Internet Banking
  3. Complete your Authentication Process by keying in your Card and PIN and click on Next.Apply For POSB Online Banking
  4. Complete your Credentials by inputting your details and preferred User ID and PIN. Click on Next.Create POSB Internet Banking
  5. Review and Confirm your mobile number, email address, mailing address and click on Submit.
  6. Your digibank onboarding is completed.

What Services Can I Access If I Register to POSB Internet Banking?

You can conveniently enjoy various features of iBanking such as digibank application, SMS banking, and get electronic POSB bank statements.

What Other Ways I Can Register for POSB Internet Banking besides Mobile Banking?

There are two other ways you can register to POSB iBanking:

  • (1) by visiting local POSB Bank branch; and
  • (2) by reaching to POSB via phone call at 1800-111-1111.

Is It Possible to Activate or Log In to The iBanking Account Immediately after Registration?

Yes, it’s possible. Through the enhanced experience of POSB iBanking service, you may immediately log in to the internet banking or mobile banking of POSB by inputting your user ID and PIN.

What If I’ve Done My Sign Up to POSB iBanking But Still Haven’t Received PIN Mailer Yet?

Please note that the PIN mailer won’t be sent separately. You may create user ID and PIN on internet banking and for the time being, a temporal user ID will be sent by POSB Bank to your registered mailing address.

What If I Forgotten My POSB iBanking User ID?

You may visit the local POSB center branch, the nearest POSB self-service branch such as ATM machine, or go to the official site page of digibank Online.

How Can I Switch to e-Statements Service for My iBanking Activities?

  1. Visit official site of digibank Online then log into your account.
  2. Choose menu of ‘Request’ and ‘Manage e-Statement and e-Advice’.
  3. Input your PIN again. Then choose ‘e-Statement/e-Advice’ in the field of ‘Statement Preference’.
  4. Choose your preference of notification method.
  5. Press ‘Next’, then verify your choice, and press ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

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