How to Apply OCBC Internet Banking

Apply OCBC Internet Banking

If you have OCBC bank account, you should understand how to apply OCBC internet banking. Using its iBanking service will bring a lot of benefits. You do not have to go to an ATM for daily transaction, and you will have easier access to maintain your bank account as well.

Here are the tutorials on how to apply OCBC internet banking by using two of the most common methods: the mobile app and the desktop website (online).

Applying for OCBC Digital Banking Access using Mobile App

  1. Download OCBC SG Mobile Banking from Google Playstore or App Store and install on the mobile phone
  2. Open the app, and click “Trouble Logging in?Applying for OCBC Digital Banking
  3. Select “Get Help“.
  4. Fill in the last 8 card number and the card PIN.Register OCBC Digital Banking
  5. Fill identification type, the number of your ID and your birthdate.Register OCBC Online Banking
  6. Enter the captcha in the box underneath it and then tap “Next
  7. On the page of term and condition, tap “Agree” to accept those terms and conditions.
  8. Enter your current banking card PIN. Then, make a 6-digit PIN and then confirm them on the third box on the screen.OCBC Online Banking Register
  9. Your mobile phone number will be displayed on the screen. Make sure they are correct. Click “submit” to confirm the mobile phone.
  10. Now you have successfully registered for the Online Banking Service on OCBC. To login to the app next time, use the access code that will be sent to you via SMS (OTP) and also using the PIN you have just made.

Applying for OCBC Digital Banking Access using PC/Laptop

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Click on “Sign up now” on the bottom of the login box.Apply OCBC Internet Banking
  3. Your ATM/Credit/Debit card details: Fill in last 8-digits of ATM/credit/debit card number and 6-digit PIN
  4. Fill in your card details (ATM/credit card/debit card) according to the instruction.
  5. Select “Identification type” and fill in your ID number and then your date of birth.
  6. Take a look at the generated chaptcha on the screen and then enter them on the box next to it. Then, click “Next“.
  7. Select “Reset Online Banking PIN or Access Code“. After that, click “NextActivate OCBC Digital Banking
  8. Choose “Accept” on the “terms and conditions” page.
  9. Enter your personal details along with the new PIN. Then, click “submit” to confirm the account registration.
  10. The process is completed. You can login now via desktop to the online banking service of OCBC by entering access code (sent via SMS) and the PIN you have just set.

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Is There Any Way Else to Apply for OCBC IBanking Service?

Yes, besides using mobile phone and desktop website, you can also register to the service by mail, using OCBC ATM and go to the branches and register there.

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