Although most people have at least one bank account, not many of them know what GIRO is. GIRO is defined as a bank arrangement for the direct payment of unpaid bills to a billing organization (BO).

There are two types of GIRO: Direct debit that allows a BO to regularly charge your appointed bank account to pay your bills and GIRO-on-demand.

Each GIRO payment must be approved through the internet/phone.

If you always worry that you may forget to pay bills, especially the credit card bills, apply for GIRO will surely help you.

Suppose you have a DBS account but have no idea how to apply for GIRO DBS. In that case, you don’t need to worry as you will learn all the step-by-step tutorials in the following paragraphs.

Set Up a GIRO DBS Arrangement Using Internet Banking

You can apply for GIRO through internet banking or billing organizations. The followings are a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply for GIRO DBS via internet banking.

  1. Log in to your account using digibank online.
  2. Click Pay and select Add GIRO ArrangementSet up DBS GIRO Arrangement
  3. Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  4. Select the Billing Organization to make payment.Apply GIRO for DBS
  5. Enter the limit of payment you want to allow the billing to debit from your bank account.
  6. Enter the bank Account you would like to make a payment from.
  7. Select Next.
  8. Verify all the Details of the Transaction and follow the authentication instructions. Click Submit.

Set Up a GIRO DBS Arrangement Card and PIN

  1. Click here and select Card and PIN to apply for GIRO arrangement.
  2. Insert your Identity Number, Last 4 digits from your card, and Card PIN.
  3. Choose the Billing Organizations to make payment, and insert the Bill Reference Number.
  4. Select the Payment Limit to debit from your bank account.
  5. Select the Account you want to make the payment from. Click Continue
  6. Verify all the details of the transaction and follow the authentication instructions. Click Submit

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Can I Check My DBS GIRO Payment?

  1. You can check your GIRO payment by logging into your Digibank online account.
  2. Then, select “Pay” and “More Payment Services”.
  3. You will find your GIRO arrangements under the “Manage Payment and GIRO” menu after completing the authentication process.

How much is the Charge for a DBS GIRO Arrangement?

DBO doesn’t apply any charges and fees for setting up, terminating, or even late charges from the GIRO arrangement.

However, your billing organizations may involve costs for late payment. Do check the fees and charges of the billing you choose.

How Long Does it Take the DBS to Process a GIRO Arrangement?

If you set up a GIRO arrangement using DBS iBanking or AXS stations, the bank will verify the application instantaneously and forward it to the billing organizations (BO).

If you apply for GIRO through BO, the application will be confirmed within seven working days from the date of receipt from the BO.

Why do DBS Limit the List of BOs that I Can Choose?

This is an opt-in program for billing organizations. DBS will work with all the Bos that want to work with them.

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