How to Apply for OCBC Credit Card

Apply OCBC Credit Card

With abundance of good deals and rewards, it seems impossible to send away credit card as a payment option these days. If you are planning to carry less cash, then switching to credit card seems to be perfect for you.

To apply for OCBC credit card, it is relatively easy. So, without further ado, below is how to apply for OCBC credit card.

How to Apply for OCBC Credit Card Online

How to apply for OCBC credit card? If you have learned each credit card benefit and have made up your mind to settle with a certain card, you can simply go to their branch or applying it online.

To apply for OCBC credit card online, you will be requested to provide your personal details. Regarding this, there are two options on filling in the data needed:

  1. Using MyInfo. Once you choose this, you can fill in the data much quicker since the form will be filled in according to the government database. You will need to login to SingPass to apply this way.Apply for OCBC Credit Card
  2. Manually filling in an online form. There are some documents you need to submit. Also, you are required to wait once the application is sent for within 5 working days.

Applying for OCBC Credit Card: An Overview

In terms of credit card, OCBC does not only have only one credit card option. Per November 2020, there are 12 credit card options you can pick based on your needs.

These options can be seen on their website, you can opt to learn about it more prior to applying too.How to Apply for OCBC Credit Card

They also inform you what kind of benefits you will get once you choose a specific credit card. Such information is displayed on the credit card related page.

There you’ll also see ‘Apply now’ button, which will lead you to further steps of applying OCBC credit card.

What Documents are needed to Apply?

Below are the needed documents you will need in both offline (direct) and online application:

For salaried employees:

  • Scan of NRIC (back and front)
  • Recent original bank statement or telephone bill
  • Latest computerized income tax notice of assessment and pay slip; or latest half-a-year CPF contribution statement

For self-employed and other various income earners:

  • Scan of NRIC (back and front)
  • Recent original bank statement or telephone bill
  • Latest income tax notice of assessment; or latest 12 months statement of CPF contribution.

Keep in mind that applicants need to be aged 21 or more.

For Foreigners, what Documents are Requested?

It is similar to Singaporeans requirements on making an OCBC credit card, but foreigners need additional documents such as the scanned version of their passport, employment pass or working permit which is valid for the next 6 months.

Can I Set a Certain Limit to the Credit Card?

Yes, but it should be at minimum S$1,000 and you can increase it in multiples of S$100. For the minimum spending, it depends on which card you are using.

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Are There any Minimum Income Requirements?

Yes, in most OCBC credit cards, the minimum income requirement is $30,000 for Singaporeans. While for non-Singaporeans, the eligible minimum income requirement is $45,000.

For senior people aged 55 years old and more, the minimum annual income requirement is $15,000. Those are minimum annual income requested for credit card application, all in Singaporean Dollar.

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