How to Activate OCBC Card for Overseas Use

Activate OCBC Card for Overseas Use

In case you want to withdrawal some cash of your OCBC saving account from ATM, or use your credit or debit card, you need to activate it beforehand.

It needs to be done as a part of security measures while you’re being overseas.

The card activation is the most secure and easiest way to make money transfers and payments abroad with foreign currencies.

How to Activate OCBC Card Online

If you have no idea how to activate OCBC card for overseas use, simply refer to step by step tutorial below. It lets you know how to perform the process by using online banking.

  1. Open OCBC online banking official site at
  2. Input your ‘Access Code’ and ‘PIN’.
  3. Press on the ‘Login’ button.
  4. Select ‘Customer Service’ menu and then choose ‘Overseas Card Use’ option.
  5. Input the OTP that’s been sent to you.
  6. Check the box of overseas ATM withdrawal menu to activate it, and uncheck to deactivate.How to Activate OCBC Card Overseas Use
  7. Input the OTP again.

If you want to activate your debit card but you still haven’t sign up for online banking, then you wouldn’t be able to use the tutorial of how to activate OCBC card for overseas use above.

You need to submit the form of Debit Card Maintenance to activate it.

Why Should I Activate My OCBC Card When I’m Out of The Country?

By activating your OCBC card, you may manage your account while being outside of the country, as well as using the card to purchase things and withdrawal cash from ATM.

What Are Other Ways to Activate OCBC Card Overseas

Aside from online banking, you’re also able to use mobile banking, mailing, or SMS method to activate the card.

How Can I Activate OCBC Card Overseas via Mobile Banking?

Choose the menu bar after you have logged into your mobile banking account. Select ‘Card services’ and ‘Manage overseas card usage’ menu.

Input the given OTP then check the box beneath menu of ‘Overseas ATM withdrawal to activate it.

How Can I Activate OCBC Card Overseas via SMS?

Simply send an SMS with format of ATM (space) Your ID card numbers (space) the last four digits of your account number (space) activation starting date using DDMMYY (space) activation ending date using DDMMYY (space) activate.

  • To activate
    ATM<space>NRIC/Passport<space>Last 4 digits of card number<space>start date in DDMMYY<space>end date in DDMMYY<space>activate
    Example: ATM S7654321X 4321 011220 311220 activate
  • To deactivate
    ATM<space>NRIC/Passport<space>Last 4 digits of card number<space>deactivate
    Example: ATM S9876543X 1234 deactivate

Send this to 72323 or +65 9327 2323 if you’re currently abroad.

How Can I Activate OCBC Card For Overseas via Mailing?

You have to download form for related service or pay a visit to the local OCBS branch. Alternatively, you can contact OCBC via phone by calling 1800 363 3333 or +65 6363 3333 if you’re in overseas.

You may also want to see our guide on how to change OCBC phone number

How to Ensure My OCBC Card Safely When I’m overseas?

For the sake of your own security, it’s advisable to deactivate your card first before making a return to Singapore in order to prevent misusage by unwanted party.

When you’re using the card overseas, be careful of any foreign objects near the ATM card slot. Always cover the ATM keypad when you’re about to input your PIN.

Contact OCBC as soon as possible via phone at +65 6363 3333 if you have any suspicion of unauthorized usage.

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