How to Activate OCBC ATM Card

Activate OCBC ATM Card

Understanding how to activate OCBC ATM card is very important. When you lost your card or you get a replacement card for your ATM (usually with the chip and new format), you have to understand exactly how to activate the card.

If you do not, there is no way that you can use the card for any transactions. It will bring problems when you need quick cash and the ATM cannot be used at all.

So, how to activate OCBC ATM card? Well, it is pretty easy actually and you do not have to come to any of the OCBC branch.

It can be done all on your own by using online banking as well as the OCBC mobile app downloaded on your smart phone.

The details will be shown to you below so that you can follow the instructions carefully.

Activate OCBC ATM Card Using Online Banking

  1. Open a browser and type in
  2. Login using access code and PIN
  3. Find the tab “customer service” on the menu and click it.
  4. Then, locate the option “Activate ATM CardActivate OCBC ATM Card Using Online Banking
  5. Wait for OTP code to be sent to your mobile phone.
  6. Enter the OTP code to the boxes available on the screen.
  7. ATM card is now activated.

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Activate OCBC ATM Card Using Mobile App

  1. Open the app on your mobile phone and login (using access code/ fingerprint ID)
  2. Locate the option “SMS Assist” on the login screen.Activate OCBC ATM Card Using Mobile App
  3. There will be several options, select “Activate my new card
  4. SMS containing OTP code will be sent to your mobile phone for verification.
  5. Use the OTP code to fill the on-screen instruction.
  6. The ATM is now activated and ready to use.

Can I Activate My ATM via SMS?

Yes, activating ATM via SMS is possible and it is very simple. All you have to do is typing SMS in this format:

AEC <space> NRIC/Passport no. <space> Last 4 digits of ATM card number

Example: AEC 12345678901 4321

Then, send the text to 72323. It works only when you are in Singapore.

What If I’m Overseas and Want to Activate My ATM via SMS?

If you are currently overseas (living / staying outside Singapore), you can send the same text (the same exact format).

AEC <space> NRIC/Passport no. <space> Last 4 digits of ATM card number and send it to +65 9327 2323

What Type of ATM That I Can Activate on My Own?

The type of ATM that you can activate on your own is personal ATM card. If you have joint account or company account, go to OCBC branch to activate the card.

Do I Really Have to Activate My Card?

Yes. It is mandatory. If you do not activate the card, you will not be able to use it for any transaction and the bank will cancel it for the sake of security purposes.

Is There Anyone to Call When I Have Problems Activating My ATM?

If you encounter any problem when activating the ATM card, you can the OCBC Contact Centre.

The hotline for the service is: 1800 363 3333. The line opens for 24 hours so you can call them whenever you need.

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