Activate New POSB Card for the First Use

Activate New POSB Card

Understanding how to activate new POSB card for first use is very essential. You should understand the new cards won’t be able to be used if they are not activated.

Follow these instructions of how to activate new POSB card for first use to make sure your new card is fully activated and capable to be used for transactions in POSB bank.

Activate POSB Card Using Internet Banking

  1. Go to and then log in to your account using User ID and PIN.POSB Online Login
  2. Select “Cards” and click on the option “Activate Credit Cards” (If it is credit card) or “Activate Debit & ATM Cards” (If it is debit card)Activate New POSB Card Online
  3. You will be asked to enter your secure PIN. Enter 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  4. Select the Card you need to Activate.
  5. Read the term and condition and then select “Next
  6. Your card is now activated.

Activate New Card POSB Using Mobile Banking

  1. Open the app and login to the account (using fingerprint/face ID/User name)
  2. Tap on the option “More” and then tap “Manage Cards and Loans
  3. Underneath that option, search for “Activate Cards
  4. Select the “Activate Credit Cards” (If it is credit card) or “Activate Debit & ATM Cards” (If it is debit card).
  5. Tap on the card that you need to activate and then tap “Activate Card“.
  6. The card is now activated.

Activate POSB Card Using SMS

  1. Open your messaging app on the phone.
  2. Select “New” or click any (+) option to write new message.
  3. Write this format: Activate <space> Last 4 digits of Card
  4. Example: Activate 5554
  5. On the recipient box, enter 77767
  6. Press send.

Activating New Card POSB Using ATM

  1. Insert your new card in the machine.
  2. Enter the PIN for the card.
  3. Select the option “More Service
  4. Choose “Cards/PIN/iBanking/Phonebanking
  5. A few more options will appear, tap “Activate Card
  6. Follow the further instruction on the ATM screen and complete the process.

Note: You will receive your New Card PIN within 5 working days after you have received your New Card.

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Activate POSB New Card via VTM

  1. Insert your NRIC, ATM/Debit/Credit Card or scan your Passport and complete the authentication process.
  2. Under Card Services, select Activate Card.
  3. Insert your inactive New ATM/Debit/Credit Card.
  4. Enter your New Card PIN* received in a seperate mail.
  5. Provide your NRIC Number, Nationality and Date of Birth.
  6. Press Confirm to complete the activation.

Can I Activate the Card in POSB Branch?

Yes, you can activate the card by speaking to our customer service and ask them to help activating your card.

How Long Does the Activation Take Effect?

It takes immediate effect with the exception of using SMS and ATM to do the activation. It takes 2-5 days to complete. You will receive the new PIN and details for your card via email.

I Don’t Have Time to Activate My Card, Can I Still Use It?

No, you cannot use your card if they are not activated. They will not be able to perform any transactions related to POSB service.

When I Have a New Card as a Replacement Card, What Happens to My Old Card?

The old card will be taken by the bank if you change the card on the branch office. Meanwhile, if you receive the card on mail, simply snap the old card, and break it to make sure no one will be able to use it for any misconduct.

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